Oct 14

Ever wish you could find a small amp that sounds huge? That was the inspiration behind the latest RigQuest amp. It’s called the Serious Appetite and it’s a 10 watt single ended amp that is based on the “number 39″ SIR AFD amp that was used on Guns n Roses Appetite For Destruction.  This amp doesn’t do clean! However, if you love that classic distortion sound this amp sounds great and is perfect for home use. It has three quality 12ax7’s and an EL34 for authentic big amp tone.

It will run a 1×12 as pictured as well as a 2×12 or a 4×12 cabinet in 4, 8, or 16 ohm configurations. Greenbacks or similar are preferred.

GNR Night Train Riff (13meg wav)

GNR Paradise City Riff (mp3)

Scorpions Blackout Riff (mp3)

Rig Quest Serious Appetite Amp

Serious Appetite Amp from Rig Quest

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Dec 17

This custom guitar amp kit is a clone of a marshall 100 watt plexi guitar amplifier. It’s got lots of mods, has huge guitar tone, and makes a great guitar rig. This boutique guitar amp is a heavily modified 100w 68 style metro plexi kit similar to ceriatone and mojo tone. It has an extra gain stage, foot switchable effects loop, larmar, depth control, analog VU meter, safety switches, green LEDs, nixie tubes that say ‘68′on standby, and it even has an adjustable, collapsible cup holder! It uses el34 and 12ax7 vacuum tubes. The 4×12 speaker cabinets use celestion greenbacks (g12m), g12h, and weber legacy series (scumback) 12 inch guitar speakers. I call it the resurrection amp. Did I mention it has great rock tone? :) Check out the video!

Marshall guitar amp mod.

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Dec 01

Are you looking for the latest RJM products for your guitar rig? Get your rig into shape with the Effect Gizmo, Amp Gizmo, RG-16, Mastermind, and the Mac-2. If you order now you’ll get free shipping! The price you see is delivered to your door. Questions? Email bryanc at rigquest dot com.

rjm rg 16 midi amp controller with effects loops rjm amp gizmo midi amp controller rjm mastermind midi foot controller pedal

Check out the new Effect Gizmo! (See more to your left under Rack Mount Gear.)
Effect Gizmo from RJM Music Technology

Check out this great video from Dave Weiner of Steve Vai’s band on how to set up the Master Mind. To see one on the RG-16, click the video on the right… —->

*** Have you ordered from us lately? Please leave a comment in the comment link at the top and let us know about your experience! ***

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Nov 23

RigQuest can skin your amp. How about one with your band name on it? The possibilities are endless. The example below is what happens when a Jet City amp goes bad. This one sold its soul for rock n roll.

jet city 20 333 into 666

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Nov 02

More rig porn for your viewing pleasure. This post features a Marshall amp and an Amp Gizmo working overtime for the hard rock band Tainted Society. Great sound depends on great gear.

Tims Tainted Society guitar rig.

Tainted Society backline

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Jul 15

I recently got to check out the rigs Green Day use on tour. They have two guitar rigs that are controlled from back stage so that the band can focus on the show. Techs Hans Buscher and Greg Howard use RJM RG-16’s and a MasterMind MIDI controller to control Green Day’s guitar sound. They also have a whole bunch of modded Marshall heads to give Billy the sound he wants! Here’s some pics:

Green Day’s Guitar Rigs on Tour

Click to enlarge:

Green Day use RG-16s to control show RJM Master Mind fits in a standard rig Martin Golub of LA Sound Design mods their heads

Martin Golub of LA Sound Design mods Green Days heads. Special thanks to Hans and Greg for the tour.

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Jun 10

The new Mini Series from RJM is coming soon. If you can’t find it anywhere else we can special order it for you! Just contact us.

Mini Amp Gizmo, Mini Line Mixer, Y Not, and Bob 8.

RJM Music Mini Series

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Mar 15

In this post we’ll look at an interesting guitar rig concept. It features space for 10 pedals. (The RG-16 will run 8 tone pedals, plus a tuner pedal, and a midi pedal for a total of ten.) The rack portion features a Furman PL-8, an RJM RG-16, a Mesa/Boogie 20/20 Power Amp, and a Mesa/Boogie Formula Preamp.

Mesa Boogie RJM RG-16 Rack

As a unique rig concept, this rack performs well in just about any situation. It also has some great benefits for someone who plays in many different settings.

  • Packs up and sets up fast - its always ready to rock.
  • Can be nice and loud for a gig or a bit quieter for studio settings.
  • Gives you total control through the RG-16 and a midi foot pedal.

There are many different ways to deploy an RG-16. No matter what your style or gear preference may be, RJM Music Technology has solutions to help improve your rig. Be sure to check out the Amp Gizmo and the Master Mind as well.

Questions? Email bryanc at rigquest dot com.

Mesa Boogie RJM RG-16 rack

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Oct 13

Todays discussion involves using an RG-16 to control two separate amps while having use of all your effects with each one. This is the gear to buy when you’re ready to take your rig to the next level.

  • Switch any amp’s channels with any midi footswitch.
  • Switch all your effects at the same time.
  • No more pedal tap dance and no down time while you manually make channel changes!

RJM RG-16 controlling a Diamond Spec Op and an Engl Invader

There are two amplifier jacks on the rear panel of the RG-16. This is where you plug in cables to each amp’s footswitch jacks. You then program the function buttons on the front panel to turn individual channels on and off on the amps. By adding your pedals and other effects into the loops jacks you can select which ones to have on with the audio loops buttons. This is how you control which effects to have with the amp channel of your choice. With a midi footswitch added into the mix, you can turn your desired channel and effects on and off by pushing just one button. Map another set of changes for your next song and you can seamlessly switch again. This can be repeated for as many different tone combinations as you need. (The RG-16 is the mother ship, however, you may find the Amp Gizmo or the Mac 2 better fit your particular requirements.)

In the picture above we have a Diamond Spec Op amplifier head on one side and an Engl Invader on the other. The Diamond requires the RJM custom Spec Op cable but the Engl just needs the RJM standard 1/4″ interface cable. Now you have complete control of both amps, with the effects of your choice, at the touch of a button! Whether you’re feeling like a spec op or an invader, Rig Quest is here to help you mediate the arms race. Buy one today!

Questions? Email bryanc at rigquest dot com.

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Oct 07

Eddie Van Halen’s new 5150 III head now has three channels to play with. What if you want to be able to switch them with your midi pedal? All you would need is an Amp Gizmo , the RJM cable for this head, and your midi pedal. (Some amps, like this one, require special cables that connect from the Amp Gizmo to the foot switch jack on the amp.) See the cables page for our complete list of cables. This technology works with any midi controller but if you’re looking for a nice mid sized midi foot switch, we’ve got that covered too! The Master Mind midi foot switch makes a nice companion to the Amp Gizmo and RG-16. (The RG-16 will control this head too.)

  • Gearheads love these products.
  • Eddie is famous for tweaking his gear and pushing it harder.
  • Are you ready to carry the torch? Buy one now and you’ll be on your way.

Questions? Email bryanc at rigquest dot com.
Amp Gizmo with a 5150 III

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